Nordic water will bring together experts on water issues

Keskiviikko, elokuu 1, 2012

The 27th Nordic Hydrological Conference will be held in Finland, at the University of Oulu, from the 13th to 15th August 2012. The conference will bring together scientists, managers and decision makers to talk about recent trends in water research and water resources management. Nordic Water 2012 will present recent scientific progress from many fields of hydrology and water resources. These contributions are set in over ten oral scientific sessions and poster session covering the conference main theme on catchment restoration and water protection.

During the conference, the invited keynote speakers will introduce the focal research items in the field. Dr. Cintia Bertacci Uvo will introduce the interacting of climate and hydrology and Dr. Nicolai Friberg will present how to restore stream ecosystems in a changing climate. Dr. Aaron Packman will give an overview to surface–groundwater interactions in the context of river degradation, water quality and ecosystem processes. Dr. Per Stålnacke will frame spatial and temporal considerations on nutrient retention from source to the river mouth. Dr. John Doherty will initiate how environmental modeling will help us to encapsulate what we know and quantify what we don’t know.

Two post-conference excursions will take the participants to Rokua Geopark and to Oulanka National Park. Post-conference course “Model Calibration and Predictive Uncertainty Analysis using PEST” is arranged in cooperation between two Finnish doctoral programmes: VALUE lead by the University of Oulu, and RYM-TO, led by the Aalto University. The responsible teacher of the course is Dr. John Doherty.

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