Laboratory of Archaeology

The Laboratory of Archaeology at the University of Oulu studies, preserves and publishes archaeological and cultural historical artefacts. The laboratory is a place for studying and working for students of archaeology. It is where they prepare their theses and research reports. Furthermore, it is the centre of archaeological field research at the University of Oulu, for which purpose it has its own excavation tools and a conservation laboratory. Researchers and students have access to several computers and the necessary software. The laboratory practices cooperation research and ordered research in the fields of archaeology and conservation.

The Laboratory of Archaeology is located in the Linnanmaa campus by the J-entrance. A pictorial access guide with a map cand be downloaded from the link below.


At present, the Laboratory of Archaeology employs two people.

- Janne Ikäheimo, lecturer (+358 [0]50 350 3173)

- Jari Heinonen, conservator (+358 [0]294 483 235)


The Laboratory of Archaeology retains documentation from field activities, excavation reports and inventory reports of the University of Oulu. Furthermore, the laboratory has copies of topographic archive materials about Northern Finland from the National Board of Antiquities.

Contact information

Laboratory of Archaeology

PO Box 1000 FI-90014

University of Oulu, Finland

Tel. +358 (0)50 350 3173


Last updated: 20.9.2017