Juho-Antti Junno


Research interests

My research interests cover a fairly large share of bioarchaeology, but my clear focus area is biological anthropology.  At present, I study the spine and its evolution, in particular. We have noticed, for example, that the structure of the spine has clearly changed during a very short period of time and we are trying to find out why: could it be because of the changed role of physical activity?

Other interests of mine include assessing the size of a body (height and weight) based on bones. I use both archaeological and primate data. I have also studied a great deal the effects of sports and other forms of physical activity on bones. I use varied data and research methods, such as archaeological bone data, data from hospitals and primate bone collections. For example, in the spring of 2015 I studied mountain gorillas in Rwanda and the birth cohort of northern Finland in 1966 (NFBC 1966), as well as analysed archaeological bones of Native Americans I studied by means of pQCT at the Smithsonian Institution.


Selected bibliography

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