Teaching Environmental Practices Across Borders from Center to Periphery


Project description

This project will integrate Nordic knowhow in environmental humanities educational strategies with the capacities of scholars in Northern Russia to develop online learning platforms. The consequences of multiple anthropogenic pressures on the environment, such as intensification of land and resource use (e.g., in natural forests and peatlands), habitat loss and fragmentation, and multispecies extinctions are characteristic of the Anthropocene. These traits are particularly alarming in the Arctic, a region currently undergoing exceptionally rapid socio-ecological shifts due to accelerating climate change. This project will align Nordic expertise in biodiversity, human-environment relationships and the environmental humanities with the capacities of environmental scholars in Russia to produce a series of online courses that will address the biodiversity challenge currently threatening multispecies wellbeing and planetary sustainability in the Arctic.


Petrozavodsk State University, Russia
NTNU, Norway


Roger Norum

University Lecturer and Docent (on leave)