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Energy as a Service Laboratory


Project description


The main purpose of this project is to build the new energy laboratory that will take place in Linnanmaa Campus for educational purposes.  

Launched in 1.1.2019 and coordinated by the Oulu University of Applied Sciences (OAMK), the EaaSLab will combine multiple energy sources and control options to re-create a microgrid on a laboratory scale. All elements of an energy systems will be present from combustion technologies (wood, pellet, etc…), heat pump systems, chemical storage facility, solar panels (thermal and photovoltaic), and some loads to put on the network. There will be thus two integrated networks: the electric and the heat networks.  

The project is divided into two main activity: the laboratory construction, and the development of its digital twin. The planning of the laboratory is made in a joint effort between OAMK and the University of Oulu.

Project coordinator


Project results

The Water, Energy and Environmental engineering research unit will develop the digital twin regarding the electrical networks on how to set it up and that students and professionals can use it to replicate behaviour seen in the lab. Further, the digital twin will be a flexible tool to test different strategies for optimisation, combined network without interfering with the laboratory set up. The WE3 unit provides the tool for teaching energy systems and combined network to our students but also to energy professionals who needs their expertise to be sharpened


Intelligent Machines and Structures Research Unit, Faculty of Technology

Research groups

  • Energy and Environmental Engineering RG


Prof. Eva Pongrácz

Eva Pongracz

Jean-Nicolas Louis

Jean-Nicolas Louis

D.Sc.(Tech.), M.Sc.(Tech.)

Vinay Shekar

Doctoral student