About us

Research in sustainable energy systems and resource efficiency

The Energy and Environmental Engineering research unit conducts research, educational and development activities at the University of Oulu. We are a research unit of the Faculty of Technology, specialized in smart grids, sustainability and resource efficiency. We are part of the Faculty of Technology since 1.1.2016, prior to which we were known as NorTech Oulu and were part of the Tule Institute. Due to this, northern and environmental issues are our specialty.

The research carried out at NorTech Oulu aims at reducing the environmental impacts of industry and society and ensure sustainable growth in the North. In an effort to promote sustainable use of resources, we focus on improving the quality of material and energy flows. In particular, we develop solutions for synergies between waste and energy networks in northern regions. The ultimate aim is to enhance the well-being of people in the North. The unit has an extensive international cooperation network, a strong practical experience in project management, as well as an in-depth knowledge of financial instruments.

The Energy and Environmental Engineering research unit also participates in energy and environmental engineering education. Our teaching portfolio includes industrial ecology, sustainable development, sustainable energy, waste management and environmental and socio-ecological issues of the Barents region. Currently we are also developing a smart grid module, which will consists of three 5 ECTS courses, to be jointly taught by Energy and Environmental Engineering, Oulu Business School and the Centre of Wireless Communication.

Last updated: 23.8.2018