Prof. Eva Pongrácz

Professor of energy systems and environmental engineering
Head of the Energy and Environmental Engineering Research Unit

Faculty of Technology
Energy and Environmental Engineering,
PO Box 4300, FI-90014 University of Oulu

Room number:
TF 308

Phone number:
+358 294 487417, +358 40 506 1623




  • Doctor of Science in Technology (environmental engineering) (D.Sc.(Tech.)), 2002, University of Oulu.
    Dissertation:Re-defining the concepts of waste and waste management: Evolving the Theory of Waste Management
  • Licentiate of Science in Technology (environmental technology) (Lic.Sc.(Tech.)), 1998, Tampere University of Technology
  • Doctor Universitatis (environmental economics) (Dr. Univ.), 1996, Budapest University of Technology and Economics
  • Master of Science in Engineering (mechanical engineering) (M.Sc.(Eng.)), 1991, Budapest University of Technology and Economics



  • Waste and resources management
  • Industrial Ecology
  • Sustainability assessment
  • Sustainable regional development
  • Smart and sustainable energy networks



  • Smart grids
  • Industrial Ecology
  • Sustainable development
  • Municipal and industrial waste management


Researcher profile


Selected publications:

  1. Pongrácz E, Niemistö J, García V, Hänninen N, Saavalainen P and Keiski RL (2015) Waste-based biofuel technologies in Finland – Current research and industrial activities. Pollack Periodica. 10(2): 157-172.

  2. Pongrácz E (2009) Through waste prevention towards corporate sustainability: Analysis of the concept of waste and a review of attitudes towards waste prevention. Sustainable Development, Special issue: Paradigms of corporate sustainability. 17(2): 92-101.  

  3. Pongrácz E, Turpeinen E, Raudaskoski R, Ballivet-Tkatchenko D and Keiski RL. (2009) From waste to resource for methanol-based processes. Waste and Resources Management. 162(4): 215-220.

  4. Pongrácz E. (2006) Industrial Ecology and Waste Management: From Theories to Applications. Progress in Industrial Ecology, An International Journal. Special issue: Industrial Ecology - Philosophical and Epistemological Framework. 3(1-2): 59-74.

  5. Pongrácz E, Ylä-Mella J, Phillips PS, Tanskanen P and Keiski RL. (2005) The impact of the European Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE): Development of waste management strategies in Oulu, Finland. Journal of Solid Waste Technology and Management. 31(2): 102-111.

  6. Pongrácz E & Pohjola VJ. (2004) Re-defining waste, the concept of ownership and the roles of waste management. Resources Conservation & Recycling.  40(2): 141-153.


Sample of research conducted in our unit:

  1. Tran H, Vale R, Vale B and Pongrácz E (2017) Is high density development sustainable urban form? A footprint study of transportation in Vietnam, New Zealand and Finland. The International Journal of Environmental Sustainability. Link.
  2. Louis J-N, Caló A, Leiviskä K and Pongrácz E (2016) Modelling home electricity management for sustainability: The impact of response levels, technological deployment & occupancy. Energy & Building. 119(2916): 218-232.
  3. Ylä-Mella J and Pongrácz E (2016) Drivers and constraints of critical materials recycling: The case of indium. Resources 2016, 5(4), 34; Open access.  

  4. Caló A, Louis JN, Pongrácz E (2015) The role and the impact of electric vehicles on the local power grid within the Northern Finland climatic conditions. IFAC-PapersOnLine, 48(1): 880-885.

  5. Louis J-N, Leiviskä K & Pongrácz E (2015) The Trade-Off Between Technology Deployment and Enviro-Economic Benefits in Smart Buildings. Proc. of the 12th International Conference on the European Energy Market (EEM 2015). Lisbon, Portugal. Link.

  6. Louis JN, Leiviskä K and Pongrácz E (2015) Environmental Impacts and Benefits of Smart Home Automation: Life Cycle Assessment of Home Energy Management System. IFAC-PapersOnLine, 48(1): 886-891.
  7. Piippo S, Juntunen A, Kurppa S and Pongrácz E (2014) The use of bio-waste to revegetate eroded land in Ylläs, Northern Finland. Toward a zero waste perspective of tourism in the Finnish Lapland. Resources Conservation and Recycling. 93(2014): 9-22.

  8. Piñero P, Heikkinen M, Mäenpää I and Pongrácz E (2015) Sector aggregation bias in Environmentally Extended Input Output modelling of raw material flows in Finland. Ecological Economics 119(2015): 217-229.
  9. Ylä-Mella J, Keiski RL and Pongrácz E (2015) Electronic waste recovery in Finland: Consumers’ perceptions towards recycling and re-use of mobile phones. Waste Management. 45(2015): 374-384.

  10. Caló A and Pongrácz E (2014) The role of smart energy networks to support the application of waste-to-energy technologies. Pollack Periodica. An International Journal for Engineering and Information Sciences. 9(Supplement): 61-73.
  11. Louis J-N, Caló A, Leiviskä K and Pongrácz E (2014) A Methodology for Accounting the CO2 Emissions of Electricity Generation in Finland. International Journal on Advances in Intelligent Systems. Vol 7 no 3&4. Open access.
  12. Ylä-Mella J, Poikela K, Lehtinen U, Tanskanen P, Keiski R.L. and Pongrácz E (2014) Overview of the WEEE Directive and its implementation in the Nordic countries. National realisations and best practices. Journal of Waste Management. Article ID 457372, 18 pages. Open access. 



  1. Smart energy networks 2050: Modelling of energy and information fluxes, impact of user response on decarbonisation (SEN 2050)
  2. Funding resources for innovation in energy enterprise development (FREED)
  3. Renewable Community Empowerement in Northern Territories (RECENT)
  4. Healthy Food and Lifestyle Choices in the Arctic


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