RECENT - Renewable Community Empowerment in Northern Territories

RECENT is Renewable Community Empowerment in Northern Territories, a project of the Northern Periphery and Arctic Programme (NPA), that was implemented during September 2015-August 2018. The Lead Partner is International Resources and Recycling Institute (IRRI) from Scotland, with partners from Sweden, Finland, Northern Ireland and Ireland. 

The RECENT project aimed to increase energy knowledge in rural communities, and help them to have more resilient and energy efficient public infrastructure capable of handling climate change related risks. The project also aimed to develop 24 pilot community energy and energy efficiency projects across 5 NPA partner regions. RECENT supported communities to become more energy-self-sufficient by developing small-scale solutions and building synergy between critical public infrastructure.

Pilot sites in Finland


Sodankylä municipality anaerobic digestion plant


Päivänpaisteenmaa district

Maijanlenkki eco-district


University of Oulu rooftop PV

University of Oulu Botanical gardens, waste management

Triangel silence retreat

Hotel building rooftop PV

Anaerobic digestion plant


Tunturisopuli housing complex rooftop PV


Videos on pilot sites explored in Finland:

Project publications:


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Last updated: 1.12.2020