Healthy Food and Lifestyle Choices in the Arctic

The main aim of this project is to contribute to a more healthy diet in a changing Arctic through bringing scientists and stakeholders from Norway, Finland and Russia together.

We will  map status on healthy diet, on successful cases and on preferences from stakeholders. A specific focus will be on local food culture and food, alcohol as a part of eating habits, and food wastage in the Artic.

Understanding how Nordic and Artic foods and diet can contribute to a healthier lifestyle is of the utmost importance for preventing lifestyle induced diseases as well as in combating diet-related conditions.

The main activities in the project are workshops with scientists and stakeholder participation, sharing successful cases and carrying out a survey on people’s experiences and perceptions about food lifestyle issues, traditional diets, alcohol consumption and food waste as well as their views on future development.


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Norwegian Bioeconomy Institute

Norwegian Food Institute

University of Oulu

Nothern State Medical University

  • Prof. Andrei Soloviev

Northern Arctic Federal University

  • Prof. Elena Golubeva


            Project duration: 8/2015-8/2017


            Funding:  Nordic Council of Ministers Arctic Cooperation Programme


            Last updated: 1.12.2020