New project in Circular Economy started

Energy and Environmental Enginering is partner in a new consortium project titled Transition Pathways Toward Circular Economy (TRANSCIRC), funded by the Academy of Finland, for 4 years, starting September 1st, 2017. The project is lead by the Finnish Environment Institute, with the VTT Technical Research Centre being the third consortium partner. The project responds to the challenges of resource scarcity by producing pathways that enhance transition towards a circular economy in Finland. In the first part of the project, we will review the current state as well as relevant and forthcoming regulation in resource efficiency. Our role will concentrate on identifying criticial resources that need to be recycled, and evaluate the drivers and barriers of circular economy in terms of the use of wastes and industrial by-products. Further, we want to find answer to what changes will be needed in order to transition to a sustainable and resource efficient society, how to support these changes, and which institutional factors prevent us from moving toward a society based on circular economy. The transition pathways will consist of different future-oriented measures that aim at responding and even surpass EU targets. The transition will be planned until 2030 and 2050.

Last updated: 5.11.2019