The department is a member of CLIOHWORLD (Creating a New Historical Perspective: Europe and the Wider World), a Socrates-Erasmus thematic network (2009-2011). CLIOH-WORLD was a Socrates-Erasmus thematic network for the studies of history and a critically founded historical perspective. The representative of History Department at Oulu University in CLIOHWORLD was Senior Lecturer Seija Jalagin. Email: seija.jalagin [at]

CLIOHWORLD published four readers

  • European Integration and European Union History. A Cliohworld Reader V (2011)
  • World and Global History. A Cliohworld Reader VII (2011)
  • Developing EU-Turkey Dialogue. A Cliohworld Reader I (2011)
  • Regional and Transnational History. A Cliohworld Reader VIII (2011)

and the CLIOHWORLD Tuning Guidelines to aid curriculum design in the above mentioned thematic areas and also on e-Learning and Digitisation in History.

All publication can be freely downloaded in

CLIOHWORLD network cooperated with research network CLIOHres. Visit the website of both networks where you can find plenty of useful publications for teaching. They can be freely downloaded.


Our department has exchange programmes with following universities:

•  Universite D´Artois, Arras, France

•  Technische Universität Berlin

•  Universitá degli Studi di Firenze

•  Yeditepe University, Istanbul

•  Universidad Complutense de Madrid

•  Universitetet i Oslo

•  The Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim

•  Universitetet i Tromsø

•  Umeå universitet

•  Uppsala universitet


In addition, the University of Oulu has bilateral exchange programmes with universities all around the world. Both MA and PhD students can apply to these programmes.

Last updated: 4.1.2017