Research groups

Transcultural Encounters


Currently funded projects:

Mobile healers, politics and development in sub-Saharan Africa 1870–2000: Transformations, contestations and innovations

  • Funder: Academy of Finland, 2019–2023
  • PI: Senior Lecturer Markku Hokkanen
  • Research team: PhD Jan Kuhanen, PhD Kalle Kananoja, MA Kaisa Harju, PhD Harvey C. Chidoba Banda


Experienced meanings and memories of global citizenship in Finnish development work 1950-2020 (Kone foundation 2017-2021)


Postmemory of Family Separation: An Intergenerational Perspective (Academy of Finland 2019-2023)

  • PI: Academy Research Fellow, docent Johanna Leinonen
  • Research team: PhD Outi Kähäri, PhD Elina Turjanmaa

Recognition and belonging: forced migrations, troubled histories and memory cultures (REBEL) (Academy of Finland 2017-2021)

  • Research team: Jalagin, Seija, Adj.Prof. of History (leader, PI), Outi Autti, PhD (Sociology), Hanna-Leena Nissilä, PhD (Literature), and Ilmari Leppihalme, Phil.Lic. (Literature)


LAPANEN: Northern Research Group for History of Childhood and Education


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