Petteri Pietikäinen

I'm on research leave from August till the end of December 2020.

Research areas:

History of psychology, psychiatry and medicine; History of evolutionary theories; History of Utopian thought; Relations between science and politics; Social engineering

On-going research projects:

1. Northern Finland Health Historical Study (Academy of Finland & University of Oulu, 2017-2021; this is part of a larger Fibrosis -project, which includes researchers from the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Biochemistry and Molecular medicine)

2. History of madness in Finland (monograph to be published in 2020)


• Teaching in the Spring of 2020:

  1. Graduate seminar for undergraduates and Research seminar for doctoral students and post docs
  2. Lecture course on the history of madness in Finland 
  3. Introductory course to the History of Sciences and Ideas

Future research/Research interests:

  • History of madness and the mad
  • Social engineering and the science of adjustment
  • History of evolutionary theories
  • Utopian and dystopian thought

Selection of publications 

  • Petteri Pietikainen & Jesper Vaczy Kragh (eds), Social Class and Mental Illness in Northern Europe. London: Routledge, 2019.
  • Petteri Pietikainen & Jesper Vaczy Kragh, ‘Professionalization of Psychology in the Nordic Countries’. In The Oxford Encyclopedia of the History of Psychology. ( [to be published online in the autumn of 2019]
  • ‘History of abnormal psychology’. In Wade Pickren & Robert. J. Sternberg (eds), Cambridge Handbook of the Intellectual History of Psychology. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2019.
  • Petteri Pietikäinen & David Clark, ‘The psychology of adjustment in the Unites States from the late 19th century to World War II’. European Yearbook of the History of Psychology, Vol. 3, 2017
  • Katariina Parhi & Petteri Pietikäinen, ‘Socialising the anti-social: Psychopathy, psychiatry and social engineering in Finland, 1945–1968’. Social History of Medicine, Vol. 30, No. 3, 2017, doi:10.1093/shm/hkw093
  • Mikko Myllykangas & Petteri Pietikäinen (toim.), Aatteiden ja oppien jäljillä. Helsinki: Gaudeamus, 2017. [Edited textbook on the history of science and ideas]
  • Madness: A History. London: Routledge 2015
  • Hulluuden historia. Helsinki: Gaudeamus 2013 ['History of Madness']
  • ‘Finland’ [chapter of the history of Finnish psychology]. In The Oxford Handbook of the History of Psychology: Global Perspectives. Oxford University Press 2012.
  •  ‘Strengthening the Will: Public Clinics for the Nervously ill in Sweden in the First Half of the Twentieth Century’. Social History of Medicine, Vol. 22, No.1 2009
  • Alchemists of Human Nature: Psychological Utopianism in Gross, Jung, Reich and Fromm. London: Pickering & Chatto, 2007
  • Neurosis and Modernity: The Age of Nervousness in Sweden. Leiden: Brill, 2007
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Last updated: 25.8.2020