Research and postgraduate studies

Information Studies is a field of Humanities and Social Sciences, and related to Communication Studies. The primary research interest in Information Studies focuses on factors related to the dissemination of information between its producers and users. Recently, the scope of research has also focused on the factors enabling the creation of knowledge.

At the University of Oulu the Unit of Information Studies is part of the Research Community INSPIRES (INStitutions and PractIces of new liteRacES).

The Research Community INSPIRES is part of Eudaimonia Research Center. The Center is dedicated to facilitate high-quality research and professional networking in human sciences. Its main goal is to enhance support for the research and educational activities of the scholars in human sciences. Eudaimonia executes and enhances the multidisciplinary research at the University of Oulu in national and international context.

The Unit of Information Studies is involved in the National Doctoral Programme of Communication Studies VITRO. Moreover, the Unit participates in the activities of the Nordic Research School in Information Studies NORSLIS.

University of Oulu Graduate School, UniOGS provides the framework and conditions for doctoral studies.



Last updated: 5.7.2016