Courses in Information Studies

Basic Studies (25 ECTS credits)

694614Y Personal Study Plan 1 (Information Studies) (0 ECTS credits) (major subject students only)

694550P Introduction to Information Studies (6 ECTS credits)

694587P Information Seeking and Retrieval I (4 ECTS credits)

694615P Information Production and Collections (5 ECTS credits)

694588P Management and Leadership (4 ECTS credits)

694616P Information in Society (3 ECTS credits)

694589P Information Behaviour (3 ECTS credits)


Intermediate Studies (45 ECTS credits)

Courses mandatory for all students

694624A Information Storage and Representation 1 (4 ECTS credits)

694625A Information Storage and Representation II (4 ECTS credits)

694626A Information Literacy and Social Media (4 ECTS credits)

694621A Evaluation and Information Resources (3 ECTS credits)

694630A Information Behaviour and Practics (3 ECTS credits)

694620A Knowledge-Based Organizations (3 ECTS credits)

694557A Practical Training (5–8 ECTS credits)


Optional courses

Students will complete some of the following courses so that they form an entity of either 6 or 9 ECTS credits. The required amount is dependent on the duration of the student’s practical training: 5 ECTS credits practical training (2 months) = 9 ECTS credits of optional Intermediate Studies required / 8 ECTS credits practical training (3 months) = 6 ECTS credits of optional Intermediate Studies required.


694564A Information Legislation and Ethics (3 ECTS credits)

694622A Library Services for Children and Young People (3 ECTS credits)

694567A Music Librarianship (3 ECTS credits)

695102P Web Publishing (4 ECTS credits)

695105P PR Communication (3 ECTS credits)

694531S Changing Media Culture (5 ECTS credits)

694533S Communication Research (5 ECTS credits)

694597S Introduction to Science Communication (5 ECTS credits)

694568A Other Optional Topic 1 (2–3 ECTS credits)

694569A Other Optional Topic II (2–3 ECTS credits)


Courses available for major subject students only

694617Y Personal Study Plan 2 (Information Studies) (0 ECTS credits)

694570A Research Methods 1 (2 ECTS credits)

694602A Candidate's Seminar and Thesis (8 ECTS credits)

694573A Maturity Test (for Candidate's Degree / Information Studies) (0 ECTS credits)


Advanced Studies (80 ECTS credits)


694627Y Personal Study Plan 3 (Information Studies) (0 ECTS credits) (major subject students only)

Book examinations (16 ECTS credits total)

Students will complete examinations on two courses worth 8 ECTS credits each by choosing and studying literary works for both courses, so that 100–125 pages of Finnish material or 75–100 pages of material in other languages will equal 1 ECTS credit. It is possible to complete more than two book examinations, in which case the student’s overall grade will be based on the two best grades. Compensatory studies (e.g. several optional courses or fields of research in Information Studies) may not compensate for more than one Advanced Studies book examination.


694607S Information Behaviour Research (8 ECTS credits)

694608S Research in Information and Knowledge Management (8 ECTS credits)

694609S Research on Information Seeking and Retrieval (8 ECTS credits)

694610S Research on the Production, Communication and Evaluation of Information (8 ECTS credits)

694611S Information and Documentation in Society (8 ECTS credits)


Research methods, seminar and thesis

694580S Research Methods II (8 ECTS credits)

694632S Master’s Thesis Seminar (10 ECTS credits)

694582S Master’s Thesis (40 ECTS credits)

694583S Thesis for Subsidiary Subject Students (20 ECTS credits)

694584S Maturity Test (for Master's Degree/Information Studies) (0 ECTS credits)


Optional courses

Students will complete a minimum of 6 ECTS credits worth of the following courses

694603S Knowledge Management (6 ECTS credits)

694628S Research on Scientific Communication and Informetrics (6 ECTS credits)

694629S Theory of Classification and Its Applications (6 ECTS credits)

694605S Library, Information and Documentation Philosophy and Theory (3 ECTS credits)

694535S Philosophy of Science and Scientific Argumentation (3 ECTS credits)

694536S Sociology of Science (4 ECTS credits)

694534S History of Science (3 ECTS credits)

694538S Politics of Science (3 ECTS credits)

694631S Other Research Area of Information Studies (6 ECTS credits)


Last updated: 25.9.2014