Research Focus Areas


Health Information Practices. Research on health information practices pursues to increase understanding about the construction, dissemination and use of the knowledge on the prevention and treatment of diseases. Moreover, the research focuses on the processes on how medical and preventive knowledge could be better mediated from the specialists to the citizens to increase its impact in different context.

Science Communication. The utilisation of scientific research findings presupposes both Scientific Communication and Public Communication of Science. In addition, communication of Medical Sciences and Health can be regarded as belonging to the field of Science Communication. Research on Public Communication of Science benefits both a wide range of scientists and researchers and the general public. It helps to increase our understanding on how the impact of scientific communication can be increased. For instance, research performance can be evaluated by analyzing the accumulation of scientific publications. Research on Science Communication can be utilised by the decision makers in research policy (Science Technology and Innovation Governance), researchers and library professionals who develop collections.

Memory organizations, library and documentation research. In modern societies, libraries and other memory organizations form a permanent infrastructure for all forms of culture and their various information and documentation practices. Memory organizations share the common practice for collecting, cataloguing and describing the permanent information collections of society. Various needs for searching can emerge in different contexts. Both libraries and other memory organizations keep renewing their work practices, tasks and methods in the course of time. This also affects the research of memory organizations.    



Last updated: 19.11.2014