I have been an international student in the Master’s Programme of Learning, Education and Technology (LET) in University of Oulu from 2012 until June 2014. Before studying in Finland, I had two work experiences. First, I was an English teacher in the English training school for more than four years. I taught children with American K12 subject-based learning system, where project-based learning and leadership training were important portions of the teaching process. The second work experience was as an administration clerk in the university, where I was in charge of teaching management.

My fields of interest are pedagogy, teaching assessment, and information and communication technology (ICT). The LET programme provided me with rich expertise about learning, education and technology. At the same time, there were many opportunities, such as activities, performances and projects, which made it possible for me to understand and apply the expertise in authentic environments in order to master and internalize the expertise. Therefore, I was able to get both a great theoretical knowledge and practical skills through these learning experiences.

My expertise, way of thinking and problem-solving skills have improved greatly through the learning process in the LET programme. I am now able to apply the expertise and methods in practical research in order to handle the issues that exist in education. In addition, during the studies, my self-regulation and collaboration skills developed, having a positive influence on my future research and career.

Last updated: 19.9.2019