Masoud Irannezhad

Post-Doctoral Researcher
Nykyinen asema: 
Post-Doctoral Researcher
masoud.irannezhad (at)
Water Resources and Environmental Engineering Research Group
P.O. Box 4300
90014 University of Oulu

Research Interests:

  • Climate change impact assessment
  • Hydrological modeling in boreal regions
  • River discharge regime analysis
  • Hydroclimatic extremes forecasting
  • Hydrologic remote sensing and data assimilation
  • Atmosphere- climate- and hydrology linkages
  • Climate risk management in infrastructure systems



  • Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering (Climate, Hydrology and Water Resources), University of Oulu, Finland, 2015
  • M.Sc. in Civil and Environmental Engineering (Geo and Water Engineering), Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, 2010


Journal Papers (Published):

  1. Irannezhad M, Chen D, Kløve B. The Role of Atmospheric Circulation Patterns in Agroclimate Variability in Finland, 1961-2011. Geografiska Annaler, Series A: Physical Geography. DOI:10.1111/geoa.1213.
  2. Meseret M, Tahvanainen T, Marttila H, Irannezhad M, Ronkanen A-K, Penttinen J, Kløve B. Water-table dependent hydrological changes following peatland forestry drainage and restoration: Analysis of restoration success. Water Resources Research 52(5): 3742-3760. DOI: 10.1002/2015WR018578.
  3. Irannezhad M, Marttila H, Chen D, Kløve B. 2016. Century-long variability and trends in daily precipitation characteristics at three Finnish stations. Advances in Climate Change Research 7: 54-69. DOI: 10.1016/j.aacre.2016.04.004.
  4. Marttila H, Irannezhad M, Saukkoriipi J, Kløve B. 2015. Atmospheric Circulation Patterns Influencing Variations in Organic Carbon Fluxes in the River Oulujoki, Finland. Water and Environment Journal 29(4): 474-481.
  5. Irannezhad M, Ronkanen A-K, Kløve B. 2015. Effects of Climate Variability and Change on Snowpack Hydrological Processes in Finland. Cold Regions Science and Technology 118: 14-29. DOI: 10.1016/j.coldregions.2015.06.009.
  6. Irannezhad M, Ronkanen A-K, Kløve B. 2016. Wintertime Climate Factors Controlling Snow Resource Decline in Finland. International Journal of Climatology 36:110-131. DOI: 10.1002/joc.4332.
  7. Irannezhad M, Kløve B. 2015. Do Atmospheric Teleconnection Patterns Explain Variations and Trends in Thermal Growing Season Parameters in Finland? International Journal of Climatology 35:4619-4630. DOI: 10.1002/joc.4311.
  8. Irannezhad M, Torabi Haghighi A, Chen D, Kløve B. 2015. Variability in Dryness and Wetness in Central Finland and the Role of Teleconnection Patterns. Theoretical and Applied Climatology 122(3-4): 471-486. DOI: 10.1007/s00704-014-1305-x.
  9. Irannezhad M, Chen D, Kløve B. 2015. Interannual Variations and Trends in Surface Air Temperature in Finland in Relation to Atmospheric Circulation Patterns, 1961-2011. International Journal of Climatology 35: 3078-3092. DOI: 10.1002/joc.4193.
  10. Irannezhad M, Marttila H, Kløve B. 2014.  Long-term Variations and Trends in Precipitation in Finland. International Journal of Climatology 34: 3139-3153. DOI: 10.1002/joc.3902.
  11. Irannezhad M, Hassani Nezhad Gashti E, Moback U, Kløve B. 2014. Flood Control Structures in the River Göta älv to Protect Gothenburg City (Sweden) during the 21st Century – Preliminary Evaluation. International Journal of Civil, Architectural, Structural and Construction Engineering 8(12): 1184-1189.
  12. Irannezhad M, Hassani Nezhad Gashti E, Mohammadighavam S, Zarrini M, Kløve B. 2014. Interannual Variations in Snowfall and Continuous Snow Cover Duration in Pelso, central Finland, Linked to Teleconnection Patterns, 1944-2010. International Journal of Environmental, Ecological, Geological and Mining Engineering 8(12): 730-735.
  13. Hassani Nezhad Gashti E, Zarrini M, Irannezhad M, R. Langroudi J. 2014. Evaluation of Traditional Methods in Construction and Their Effects on Reinforced-concrete Buildings Behavior. International Journal of Civil, Architectural, Structural and Construction Engineering 8(12): 1196-1202.

Technical Reports:

  1. Ronkanen A-K, Irannezhad M, Menberu M, Marttila H, Penttinen J, Kløve B. 2015. Effect of Restoration and Drainage on Peatland Hydrology. Boreal Peatland LIFE -project (

Journal Papers (In Review/Revision):

  1. Irannezhad M, Chen D, Moradkhani H, Kløve B. Spatio-temporal variability and trends in extreme temperature events in Finland over the recent decades: influence of atmospheric circulation patterns. Submitted to Atmospheric Research.
  2. Irannezhad M, Chen D, Kløve B, Moradkhani H. Analysing the variability and trends of precipitation extremes in Finland and connection to atmospheric circulation patterns. Submitted to International Journal of Climatology.
  3. Irannezhad M, Ahmadi B, Moradkhani H, Kløve B. Atmospheric circulation patterns explaining climatological drought dynamics in the boreal environment of Finland, 1962-2011. Submitted to International Journal of Climatology.
  4. Irannezhad M, Ronkanen A-K, Chen D, Kløve B. Century-long Variability and Trends in Annual Snowfall/Precipitation Ratio in Finland. Submitted to Hydrology Research.
  5. Torabi Haghighi A, Irannezhad M, Kløve B. Design of environmental flow regimes to maintain lakes and wetlands in regions with high seasonal irrigation demand. Submitted to Ecological Modelling.
  6. Minaei M, Irannezhad M. Spatio-temporal analysis of trends in temperature, precipitation and river discharge in the northwest of Iran. Submitted to Theoretical and Applied Climatology.