New Nordic BIOWATER centre of excellence studies the effects bioeconomy has on water systems

There will be three new centres of excellence related to studying and developing bioeconomy in the Nordic countries. Researchers from the University of Oulu, Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke), and Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) are participating in the BIOWATER unit, which focuses especially on the effects bioeconomy has on water systems. Increased use of forest biomass has particularly clear effects on water systems, and more information is needed to anticipate and decrease them.

Bioeconomy is growing rapidly in the Nordic countries. Growth should be sustainable and burden the environment as little as possible. Nordforsk under the Nordic Council of Ministers has dediced to establish three new bioeconomy centres of excellence (Nordic Centre of Excellence NCoE) in Nordic countries.

The BIOWATER centre of excellence (An integrating nexus of land and water management for a sustainable Nordic bioeconomy)  is led by Doctor Per Stålnacke from the Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research (NIBIO), and it involves in total eight research institutes and universites from four Nordic countries.

The BIOWATER unit will be formed into a research and cooperation network orienting in the effects land use has on water systems. Research focuses on the effects of bioeconomy on material flows and water systems. Their work will utilize, for example long-term data on water quality and hydrology, research river basins, and water system subjects. Various models and scenarios will be used. The economic importance of effects on water systems will be looked at with help of value judgement studies. An important focus is the continuing education of researchers, and workshops.

The new unit was granted three million euros of funding for years 2017–2021, and it starts in early 2017. The operations of the unit will also build a strong basis for cooperation for ongoing and new projects on the fields of bioeconomy and waters research.

The part of the University of Oulu in the centre of excellence is led by Professor Björn Klöve, and participating in its operations are researchers of water resources and environmental engineering, and biology. In SYKE, development director Seppo Hellsten is responsible for the operations, and participating are experts from Freshwater Centre and Natural Environment Centre. The part of Luke is led by Professor Artti Juutinen, and the research group consists of experts of environmental economics and forest ecology.


More information:

Professor Björn Klöve, University of Oulu, water and environmental engineering, tel. 0294 484 510,

Development manager Seppo Hellsten, SYKE Vesikeskus, puh. 0295 251 165,

Professor Artti Juutinen, Luke, puh. 0295 325 341,


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