Personal Study Plan

At the beginning of the first autumn term each student will produce a personal study plan (PSP). The PSP is a written document which includes information on the student’s study and career goals, structure and implementation of the studies, and completion of the various elements of the study programme. The attainment of the goals stated in the PSP will be assessed in individual discussions about the PSP with the programme coordinator in the first autumn. During the two years of studies each student will have regular (3 times) individual discussions on his/her PSP with the programme coordinator.
In addition, the student will reflect on his/her learning throughout the studies by writing a personal expert profile in the course called Learning of Expertise (413313S).

What is a PSP?
•    PSP is a written plan which includes information on your study and career goals, structure of studies and implementation and realisation of different elements of the study programme.

Why should I make a PSP?

•    You are able to set your own goals for studying and you are able to write down a concrete study plan to attain your degree. The PSP process helps you commit to your studies.
•    You will be able to schedule your studies realistically and monitor your study progress. The PSP allows you to keep track of your progress and the choices you will made during your studies.
•    The PSP is a good way for tutor teachers to follow the progress of your studies and to provide support and guidance at times when it is the most useful.

PSP Process in LET Programme

In the LET programme you will make PSP at the beginning of studies (during September first year). PSP will be checked three times during the two-year studies in PSP discussions.

On September first year. Topic: Structure and timing of the studies

On May first year. Topic: Reviewing objectives and self-assessment

On May second year. Topic: Reflections and future goals

Please remember, that the PSP does not bind you. You can revise/update it, when necessary.

Detailed instructions also available in the PDF document attached below.
See also OodiPSP Guide for students.


Last updated: 21.6.2018