Samu Pehkonen

University researcher
University of Tampere

I am interested in multimodal social interaction in everyday situations and in public spaces. My research operates at the crossroads of ethnomethodology, CA, human geography and peace and conflict studies.

My current research (part of the research project Mundane practices of peace, Tapri / University of Tampere) uses videoed street encounters between the Finnish police and its multicultural clientele and concentrates on participants' categorisation work.

I am also involved in the project HANS – Human Activity in Natural Settings (COACT / University of Oulu), which studies the significance of nature for how people use language, interact with one another and accomplish social actions in situ. My interest lies in interaction with nonhuman participants (search and rescue dogs) and in situ maintenance of mobile (running) formations.

Publications and other research activities in SoleCris (University of Tampere)


Viimeksi päivitetty: 3.1.2017