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Personal Study Plan (PSP) / Henkilökohtainen opintosuunnitelma (HOPS)

A personal study plan will help you and your teacher tutor keep track of the progress and direction of your studies. The objective is compiling a degree that suits your personal goals and preferences.

All the students majoring in English Philology produce their personal study plans at the beginning of their studies. The plans are updated and discussed with teacher tutors in the course of the studies.

Checkpoints for PSP's
  1. At the beginning of the studies
  2. At the beginning of the Bachelor's Seminar and Thesis course
  3. At the beginning of the Master's studies

Use WebOodi for compiling your "OodiHops" (OodiPSP Guide in English and in Finnish)


Study guidance

The following people in English Philology are ready to give guidance and support in your studies.

Peer tutors
  • All the incoming major subject students are assigned a peer tutor (a senior student). If you are not in a peer group, please contact Andrew Pattison.
Teacher tutors

All the incoming major subject students are assigned also a teacher tutor.

General study guidance
Student services in the Faculty of Humanities
  • Helena Karjalainen (Secretary of Student Affairs; WebOodi, exams, sign-up, course credits, compiling study packages)
  • Ulla Alanko (Education Designer; student affairs)
  • Oili Sievola (Lead Specialist, Academic Affairs; student affairs, degrees) 
Student Counselling Psychologist

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