Website for the MenSoc project launched

Website of the the research project MenSoc (MENTAL HEALTH, MEDICINE AND SOCIAL ENGINEERING IN 20TH CENTURY FINLAND) is now launched. MenSoc examines the history of the Finnish mental health science and practice from the late 19th to the early 21st centuries. The project examines the intricate interactions in which the concepts of social adjustment, or maladjustment, have influenced the ways in which psychiatric and psychological theories and practices have been developed and applied to individuals. MenSoc aims to provide an explanatory framework for the assessment of the ideologies and policies of the Finnish social engineering in the 20th century. MenSoc is funded by the Kone Foundation and the Oulu University Doctoral Programme at Eudaimonia Research Centre and its site of research is the Department of the History of Science and Ideas. The PI of the project is prof. Petteri Pietikäinen, and the members are Mikko Myllykangas, Ville Salminen, Katariina Parhi, Annukka Sailo and Jari Turunen. 

Viimeksi päivitetty: 6.6.2014