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Tiistai, helmikuu 24, 2015


PhD Erla Hulda halldórsdóttir, University of Iceland: “As it happened not as it turned out" - Reflections on letters, biography and life-writing

‘Life cannot be lived like a story, because the story always comes afterwards, it results; it is unforeseeable and uncontrollable, just like life’, argues the Italian philosopher Adriana Cavarero  in Relating Narratives (2000, 3). While some auto/biographical writing is written as a narration on past life (memoirs, autobiographies) or to comprehend life as it happens (e.g. diary) others, as letters, reflect the ‘unforeseeable and uncontrollable’ life as it passes by. 
In this paper I focus on the unintentional life story of Sigríður Pálsdóttir  (1809–1871) as it materialises in the 250 letters she wrote to her brother during her lifetime and the challenges of writing her life.

The Biography reserach group will meet on Tuesday, 24th February, in the seminar room Temenos of the History Department (HU349).


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