I Yksityisten henkilöiden papereita ja kirjeenvaihtoa

1. Smith: The papers of General Lucius D. Clay, Germany 1945-1949.

2. Cappon: The Adams-Jefferson letters, 1822-1826. Vol. I-II.

3. The papers of Dwight D. Eisenhower. The war years. Vol. I-V.

4. Papers of Benjamin Franklin, 1706-1769. Vol I-XVI.

5. The writings of Benjamin Franklin. Vol. I-X.

6. The papers of Alexander Hamilton. Vol. I-XIII. (1768-1793)

7. The works of Alexander Hamiltion. Vol. I-XII.

8. Holmes-Pollock letters, 1874-1932. Vol. I-II.

9. The papers of Thomas Jefferson, 1760-1790. Vol. I-XVII.

10. Blegen: Land of their choice. The immigrants write home.

11. Washington papers, 1778-1784. Vol. II-III.

12. The papers of Woodrow Wilson, 1856-1918. Vol. 1-52.

13. Public papers of Woodrow Wilson. Vol. I-IV.

II Yhdysvaltain suhteita ulkovaltoihin käsittelevät lähdesarjat

1. Diplomatic correspondence of the United States. Inter-American affairs, 1831-1860.
  Vol. II: Bolivia, Brazil
  Vol. IV: Central-America
  Vol. V: Chile, Colombia
  Vol. VI: Dominican Republic, Ecuador, France
  Vol. VII: Great Britain
  Vol. VIII-IX: Mexico
  Vol. X: Netherlands, Paraguay, Peru

2. Documents. U.S. formation of the union of the American states. (1700-l.)

3. The British political tradition; the debate on the American revolution, 1761-1783.

4. Foreign Relations of the United States, 1861-1942 (kirjasto); 1943-1968 (HL mikrokortit) EI LAINATA

5. Treaties and agreements with and concerning China, 1894-1919. Vol. I-II.

6. Franklin D. Roosevelt and foreign affairs. Vol. I-III. (1933-1937)

7. Scott: Treaties of 1785, 1799 and 1828 between the United States and Prussia.

8. Documents on the Middle East. (1880-1970 -l.)

9. Treaties in Force 1963

10. United States Policy toward China 1839-1939

11. New York Times 1914-1923 (HL mikrofilmit)

III Yhdysvaltain sisäisiä asioita käsittelevät sarjat

1. Commager: Living ideas in America.

2. Depression, Recovery, and war: 1929-1945.

3. History of American Presidential Elections, 1789-1984. Vol. I-X.

4. Journal of the congress of the confederate states of America, 1861-1865. Vol. I-VII.

5. Living documents in American history.

6. The people shall judge. Readings in the formation of American policy. Vol. I-II. (1600-1900 l.)

7. Report. The president's commission on the assassination of president Kennedy. (1964)

8. Southern history of the war. Official reports of battles. (1860-l.)

9. To secure these rights. The report of the president's committee on civil rights.

10. War of the rebellion. Official records of the union and confederate armies. Vol. III-V, XXIII-XXXI. (1860-l.)

11. "We hold these truths...". A Documentary History of the United States


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